What is the most popular wedding perfumes brides are choosing for their wedding day? This is a question i get asked a lot, and for good reason. Perfume is one of the most important choices to nail on your wedding day. It’s has the potential to create a lifetime of memories of your big day as well as the bottle itself to become a treasured heirloom. It’s also one of my favourite detail elements in those beautiful wedding detail images that have grown so much in popularity.

My perfume engraving has grown hugely popular in the past 2 years since we started offering it as an in-store option for luxury fragrance brands. So when we opened our studio doors to the public, i was also curious to see what brides would be sending in for their wedding day perfume to be engraved.

Calligraphy perfume engraving for a wedding day perfume.

With over 125 bottles of perfume coming into the studio for a one week period the most popular wedding perfume by far was

  1. Miss Dior – Dior
  2. Dior Maison (Variety of fragrances)
  3. Coco Mademoiselle – Chanel
  4. no 5 – Chanel
  5. Jo Malone – Variety
Miss Dior wedding perfume. The most popular choice for our brides on their wedding day.

An astounding 75% of the fragrances we received were Dior and they were the clear front runner for favourite bridal fragrance.

But how do you even choose the best perfume for your day? There’s quite few factors involved in choosing the perfect scent and we’ve covered them here in my blog post about choosing a wedding perfume.

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