Wedding Stationery


calligraphy & design to create the perfect custom invitations & stationery to capture the essence of your love

The art of calligraphy

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On the day

shop calligraphy designed stationery for your perfect day.
Menu's, placecards & keepsakes of your day

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Wedding invitations

custom designed wedding invitations

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heirlooms & special items to capture from your day
Love letter, vows & heirlooms 

forever moments 

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Calligraphy artist & creative 

Something that's always spoken to me is the ability to capture life's most precious moments in time and create a legacy, memory or heirloom that last through generations.

Calligraphy to me isn't just the opportunity to create something beautiful. The first time a couple's names is written together is meaningful. I wanted to take my experience in the luxury space working for clients such as Chanel, Hermes & Dior and transform the wedding stationery of clients who wanted chic styles with their own personal aesthetic & love story infused. 

Every heirloom i create is done with the intention it will outlive you and become a legacy for you, for generations