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where we transform your narrative into beautiful words & designs to captivate your admirers.
Give them an experience to remember...

Calligraphy en Vogue was created to serve you, the creatives at heart who have a passion for their clients, guests or brand customers, who know how important having a personal, enagaging connection in your business can be and want to continue to cultivate relationships.

 I would absolutely love to get to know you and what your business stands for, so that i can create a concept that will help you reach your goals and brand potential. I love a chat so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me, tell me about you, your passions or what you think you could use my calligraphy for (or some awesome Champage tips!)

I am passionate about working with business and brands to create a design that deepens the bonds of desire between the business and their clients.
Having worked with brands such as Chanel, Dior and Givenchy has helped me to focus on what is on trend in the fashion world and how to creating something unique can have much farther reaching impact than just a pretty design but evoke a feeling of a business knowing their clients desires and wants more intimately. Translating this design ethos to small luxury businesses and bridal business’ is so rewarding for me to see how much calligraphy design on your stationery, products, as a marketing strategy or calligraphy design for your clients use can add so much marketing potential and point of difference between you and the competition.

Fashion lover, calligraphy dreamer and occasional champagne aficionado.
Calligraphy en Vogue is my artistic evolution of classic style, love of beautifully written words and a passion for creating an emotional spark that ignites true meaning & connection whenever people see my art.


Jo Eleanor.
Calligrapher, creative & dreamer behind Calligraphy en Vogue.
Paris lover, fashion coveter & amour obsessed.

coco chanel

"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different"

dale carnegie

"Remember that a person's name, to that person, is the most important sound in any language"

All of our handwritten calligraphy can be transformed into a digital format. You can arrange to have your designs created digitally and then use them in a variety of different mediums. Partnerships with other designers who request elements of hand written calligraphy for their projects,  is where the magic happens. 


Yes absolutely! We offer bespoke calligraphy engraving, spot calligraphy for invitations, vows and love notes and digital calligraphy designs you can supply to your invitation designer. As well as day of event stationery such as place cards, calligraphy menus and anything else you'd love us to write on...

do you work with brides?

Creating concepts for businesses to achieve their marketing goals is my passion. Whether it's brand awareness, customer retention, increase in sales or social media tagging of your product we create the ideas & execute with your target audience in the forefront



As someone who has always been in love with classic style & fashionable aura, it just seemed so fitting to name the studio "calligraphy in style" with a french twist.
My signature style is modern, feminine and flourished so a name that encapsulated my passions and signature style was a must! 

why the name "calligraphy en vogue"?

I am proud to say we have cleverly adapted calligraphy to any surface you can think of! 
we engrave, embriod, paint, print, draw and etch calligraphy to achieve the outcome our client needs. Challenge accepted when it comes to innovating new ways to create calligraphy designs!

is ink the only way to create calligraphy?

As a full time art studio who regularly services PR and corporate event requests we understand the need for quick turn around times. We will always strive to achieve even the smallest of time frames to give you beautiful calligraphy.

catering for last minute requests, is this possible?

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