Heirloom Christmas Decorations

hand engraved luxury keepsake
glass snowflakes

A modern family heirloom

Family traditions & Christmas. One of the most important elements of the holidays and some of my own personal core memories. Hanging ornaments with my grandmother and reliving all her stories and moments in her life. I wanted my Christmas ornament to capture that magic.

Custom designed, personalised, crystal snowflake ornaments debuted in 2019, featuring my hand engraved calligraphy and have been a sellout every year.

A Christmas decoration for generations of stories & memories...

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Christmas is about family & memories.
The fabric of our history can be captured in a single ornament, a story to be told every year to come...

Your purchase includes...

Luxury Cut Glass snowflake ornament - approx 120mm diameter. Your choice of Crystal or Champagne coloured glass

Luxury keepsake, foil pressed keepsake box

Custom hand engraving by the artist Jo Eleanor

Choice of gold, silver or frosted colour fill

Authenticity card to keep with your ornament so you know it is an original design and artwork by Calligraphy en Vogue

Luxury white double sided satin ribbon

Gold foil pressed memory card to write your precious memories on.

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my dream... to imagine a Christmas where the hanging of your ornament is a symbol for a story, a memory and a legacy that will last a lifetime...

What is the process?

When you purchase a hand engraved heirloom ornament you will be able to choose
1. Glass colour - Champagne or Crystal
2.Engraving infill colour -  Silver, gold or frosted.

You will also be able to choose up to 2 words to have engraved on your ornament so the process is quick and simple to shop.

If you have any questions before purchase please don't hesitate to reach out to us at Jo@calligraphyenvogue.com and we are always happy to help you.

What story shared around your Christmas tree will
one day
become your legacy?

My Christmas story...

My fondest memories of Christmas as a little girl was decorating the tree with my Nonna. She had a collection of vintage ornaments she'd collected over the years and they'd housed her stories of her life, adventures and people she loved the most.

I remember delicately unwrapping them from the wads of cotton she'd store them in and listen to her stories of Italy, my dad and all the core experiences she'd had in life. It was moments like these that made me forever love Christmas.

When i had girls of my honour i wanted to continue the tradition, but couldn't find any ornaments that felt special enough or i could personalise or record any memories.

So the idea of creating luxury ornaments was born and i knew i wanted them to be the most beautiful, personalised decorations in the world. But also something to protect them from breaking and a card to record the memories of your stories.

I'm so honoured i get to share my family legacy with you...

Bien à toi
Jo xx 

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