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Calligraphy en Vogue creates beautiful words for Lovers & Luxury brands.
Our bespoke services include custom calligraphy designs for memorable stationery, heirloom keepsakes, exclusive in-store appearances & designs for luxury brands.
Jo Eleanor's distinctive calligraphy design is coveted by the most beautiful brands and events around the world.

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Creating custom calligraphy designs to elevate your wedding and event stationery. 
Transform your bridal stationery into a forever keepsake with the addition of custom calligraphy created names by the artist Jo Eleanor of Calligraphy en Vogue

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Customised calligraphy names

Calligraphy design

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Shop our collection of offerings to elevate your most precious objects to make them family heirlooms that take on a life and memories of their own.

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Our favourite projects, all in the one place. Whether you need inspiration for a corporate event/brand activation or a some Bridal inspiration, Le Portfolio is the perfect curation. 

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   Weaving your narrative & memories through calligraphy

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