Table stationery

modern style, pointed pen
place cards, spot calligraphy & menus

What is calligraphy stationery

No table is complete without the perfect stationery details. Not just function to direct your guests and excite them with your upcoming meal but an absolute style staple that will bring so much detail and dimension to your table styling.

Traditional pointed pen art meets Jo Eleanor's modern, elegant aesthetic style to create one of a kind custom calligraphy stationery.

Whether it's place cards, complete hand written menus, invitation personalisation or note card writing...

Calligraphy always set the right tone for the event.

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all designs are done by hand  by the artist Jo Eleanor

What is the process?

1. Send an enquiry via our contact form, or if your not sure of what you'd like yet, we can put together some amazing and unique concepts to match your table styling and event

2. We can create all your matching stationery including menu, place cards, drinks cards, table numbers, signage and all your personalised details.

3. We can do a mixture of hand written and printed hand written calligraphy designs to help make your stationery more cost effective than having all your pieces hand written

4. We ship internationally and quoted when pricing your project, please advise when you enquire of your location. We work with brands and couples all over the world 

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nothing delights more than seeing your own name written in calligraphy when you arrive...

What can i create?

1. Place cards

2. Menus

3. Full custom designed wedding invitations 

4. Note cards

4. Envelope addressing 

5. Wedding certificates 

6. Vows & Love letters. 

7. Signage and seating charts 

8. Name designs for special pieces like wedding veils etc

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Large place cards




Place cards


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Note cards




Flat place cards





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