D'or heirloom heart

hand engraved keepsake to capture 
your precious memories

A moderne heirloom

A solid crystal heart, dipped in gold and expertly hand calligraphy engraved is the perfect way to introduce a legacy into your family. 

Not like the old fashion heirlooms of the past but chic, modern and a beautiful home piece, that will capture the most important things in your world, love & memories...

There is not many things that will outlive us in this world and that hold true sentimental value this is why i truly believe investing in a  beautiful forever heart that will live on for generations is a perfect addition to any celebration or home. 

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Heirlooms capture the most important elements of our lives and live to remind us, and tell the story for future generations

Your purchase includes...

Solid crystal asymmetrical gold dipped heart 1kg weight approx 120mm wide 140mm long and 45mm high

Custom hand engraved calligraphy with silver colour fill

the option to choose up to 5 words OR up to 20 words engraved

Artist signed authenticity card

Luxury rigid keepsake padded box 

Care instructions 

Regular shipping within Australia - Flat rate international shipping

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my calling has become to give you and the things you hold most precious a tangible, beautiful home to live on and share with the world your legacy and story

What is the process?

It's so simple!

Simply check out the D'or Heirloom heart in our shopify store HERE

You can choose if you want to have up to 5 words engraved or up to 20 words engraved by selecting the option.

You do not need to know your exact wording when you check out, once you pay for your heirloom you'll automatically be sent a form to fill out when your ready!

Email with any questions i'm always happy to help to jo@calligraphyenvogue.com

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Who and what are your precious moments...
Let's immortalise them.

My heirloom story...

I started my calligraphy career working for luxury brands and understanding a depth to luxury products and experiences through my time with labels such as Herme, Dior & Chanel. 

It was during this time i've come to learn what people truly crave is a sense of specialness. Something that represents who they are as a person and at the core of it, what matters most.

Love, memories & moments.

What grew from ideas such as wedding perfume engraving and personalising brand products, formed the seed of an idea that i needed to create something that would last forever... 

Because we as humans at a fundamental level only have 2 core desires. To be loved, to love and to be remembered. 

Heirlooms are a connection to the love and moments we experience and become a connection to our future generations that create our legacy.

I need to create something special for you and i think the D'or Heart captures that perfectly....

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Heirloom ideas

Celebrate your wedding day 

Celebrate a proposal or declaring your love 

Babies first Christmas

Children's Names 

To honour a loved one who has passed 

A special love note or message they'll want to keep forever

Celebrating an important milestone 

Honouring heritage of a family surname or story

A baptist, christening or miracle event 

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