Some of the most treasured possessions i have is love notes and cards from my husband, my grandmothers first fragrance bottle that was gifted by my grandfather on her wedding day and my late Nonna’s recipes in her own handwriting.

If you think back to all the treasured items you own of our loved ones who are with us and those that are not, often they will be the simple things that are enveloped in love.

Love is the most important thing we have in our lives. So it’s no wonder i love creating art around honouring the love and memories we have of some of the most important moments in our lives.

I want you think about your wedding day as more than just a party, a day or even a celebration. It’s so much deeper than that. It’s the union of two souls who will become a family, who will have their own legacy and story, who will have a journey together and one day will have loved ones that will want to treasure that in your honour.

So my four favourite ways to create this magic are below!


Calligraphy is the most beautiful art form imaginable to really represent those incredible words you utter to each other. Creating an artwork out of the words that most likely have the most meaning you will ever say to each other is so incredible. To immortalise those words and have them shared with your future children & loved ones. 

You can create a letter to your soul mate, capture your vows or recreate the magical moments of your proposal in a calligraphy artwork that you can transport you back to that moment whenever you read those words.


we love to collaborate with your designs to create bespoke calligraphy words in a digital form, that can be used across your wedding.

Think invitations, signage, napkins and anywhere you can possibly imagine having your names and words in a beautiful art form that is calligraphy, but the versatility of working with any of your amazing creatives. 

There is something so personal and touching about having your own names created into a unique piece of art that will be cherished not only by yourself but all the guests who receive your invitations. 


One of the key features for any bride and groom on their day is their wedding fragrance. It’s often the one bottle of fragrance you will keep forever and having a special scent dedicated to your wedding day is so key for instantly triggering those memories that will transport you back to that magical moment in time. 

Having personalised calligraphy engraving on your wedding fragrance is the perfect way to keep that bottle for a lifetime.


Nothing feels more special to your guests then seeing their name hand written on their place cards & Menu’s when they arrive at their seat.

It’s a little piece of art with the most important name in the world; Theirs! There’s something so inclusive about feeling like the couple have gone to so much effort to honour your attendance and will likely make the journey home with them as a little reminder of the beautiful day they shared with you…

Calligraphy en Vogue is for the lovers. We create beautiful words to capture your emotions & story to create a keepsake heirloom to live through generations.

Follow the link below for even more inspiration on how to have some calligraphy magic for your wedding


Bien à toi

Jo xx

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