We have curated the top 5 wedding trends we are seeing on tables in 2020. Beautiful wedding tables are as much a part of your guest experience as the food and dancing. Bridal wedding table images are some of our most popular saved images (for good reason!). Now more than ever the focus has shifted to keeping your guests entertained in their seats rather than on the dance floor…

I truely believe that a perfectly curated wedding table absolutely elevates the dining experience for all your guests. Flowers are not the only go-to for bridal seating. Stationery also plays a major role in visual elements of the table.

2020 has proven to be a curveball year in regards to weddings. Thanks to Covid-19 limiting how we can celebrate weddings worldwide the focus has really shifted to seated events. (Here in NSW, Australia at the time of publication weddings are up to 150 guests but must be a seated affair).

George John Photography

So I’ve put together 5 of the top wedding trends in bridal tables that we think will make your wedding so memorable for you as a couple and all your family and friends.

Personalised seating

Personalised seating & place cards might not be a new concept, but more thought around how to direct and create a personalised table experience is! For your guests a big part of how they experience your wedding will be about who they are seated next to.

More thought and emphasis is being put into selecting guest seating (typically for larger weddings families were assigned a family table without individual seating specifications). The growing trend is that each guest should be considered in their positioning and who they should be seated next to.

This also gives the couple a savvy way to not only personalise the guest experience by having their name at their seat, but also combine a gifting moment to personalise their gift with their name.

Here’s some images of the best way to personalise guest seating for on trend wedding tables.

Mini moet personalised
Calligraphy champagne tags by Calligraphy en Vogue

Personalised mini Moet champagne favours are the perfect addition to a bridal table. They add chic element while including a personalised guest name and gift.

Calligraphy wedding table story.
Photography – Megan Kelly Weddings, Stylist – For love and living
Story of Us – Wedding table calligraphy art by Calligraphy en Vogue.
Photography – Megan Kelly Weddings

Your personal couple love story is also a gorgeous way of incorporating a personalised element into your wedding. Here at Calligraphy en Vogue we love creating personalised wedding story artworks (above). They capture the couples love journey and create a talking point at the table. Guests can share the piece of the story that is directly in front of them with the person seated next them.

Hand written, calligraphy stationery on hand made paper by – Calligraphy en Vogue
Photography – Bryce & Lauren, Florals – Mrs Gibbons Flowers

Hand written calligraphy menus and place cards add a personalised element to the table in a way that excites and surprises your guests. There is nothing more special than seeing your own name written in art. Bonus is your guests won’t be able to resist taking their place card home as a little keepsake of your day.

Textural table elements

A Major 2020 trend is creating a textural layered element to the table. Layering table elements is so important for creating a unique dining experience and incredible detail images of your table setting.

The humble table cloth just isn’t going to cut it! Think about how you can incorporate hard and soft layers in between your styling. The key is to have things such as a napkin break up plate layers, soft silks to sit on top of your solid table cloth and natural elements such as rose petals or soft foliage to scatter between your arrangements to keep a natural flow to your table scape.

Unique and interesting table elements are a key bridal table trend for 2020.

Textural tables set the mood. Stationery – Calligraphy en Vogue
Photography – Megan Kelly Stylist – For love and living

Tonal Tables

A tonal colour palette can be so underrated in it’s visual impact. 2020 is most definitely the year of tonal table styling in neutral colours. While this trend tends to sound like it might underwhelm, with the right textural styling and matching florals it can really create table magic.

neutral wedding table trends
Muted table palette for a gorgeous romantic setting
Source Etherealism – The Lane

Unexpected table elements

Think marbles, statues, corals and structural candles to give your wedding table a beautiful personal and organic feel.

Elements scattered throughout your table that aren’t traditionally associated with wedding table styling can really create beautiful depth. It becomes a talking point and also helps ease your climbing floral budget by filling the table in a considered and practical way.

It’s also the perfect way to include colours that might not be available in your florals.

Crystal, agate & cut crystal elements create the perfect grey table texture
Source – Ashley McKenzie Photography
stone, marble, sea urchins & florals for the perfectly balanced and unexpected table
Source – The Lane

Classic Florals

We are seeing a revival of the classic floral styles having it’s moment in 2020.

Think bunches of garden roses in white & pink. Budding tulips and orchids for a classic table style that will last the test of time.

Floral choice in 2020 is most definitely moving towards a more refined and selected floral choice. It pairs well with the other on trend elements. Classic flowers will always stand the test of time in your photos and are a surefire crowd pleaser while balancing out more unusual table decoration choices.

Gorgeous simple florals for a classic styling element
Source – Wedluxe

I hope you’ve loved our take on the top wedding table trends of 2020 and enjoy applying them throughout your styling.

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