I explore the pro’s and con’s of sending a paper reply with your wedding stationery.

Wedding invitations have traditionally been a bundle of stationery that included cards such as RSVP, details, maps and further instructions for your guests.

But in 2021 is this really the best way to communicate the most important announcement you have to share with your family and friends? I love to create wedding invitation designs for Modern lovers and i talk to a lot of couples about how best to share these details with my wedding invitation brand Calligraphy en Vogue

My years of experience with clients such as Chanel, Dior & Givenchy means i get a first hand look at how the most beautiful brands communicate and send out invitations and i wanted to bring that same look and feel to the wedding space with my custom calligraphy designs

Foil pressed hand calligraphy wedding invitations for the Modern Wedding.

Once of the many things the pandemic has highlighted for me when weddings were called off abruptly is how little contact details your RSVP actually gives you and how much work it was for couples who had to contact all their guests.

Not to mention the additional information you need from your guests that attend your wedding to comply with Covid Safe events here in Australia.

With all that taken into account i want to explore the Pro’s and Con’s of including a printed RSVP in your wedding stationery send out.

Hand made paper invitation with custom calligraphy and RVSP card


It’s an extra design element in your stationery collection, RVSP cards and envelopes add a cute dimension to your stationery and can also help to incorporate additional features to tie your invitation together. This can include things such as wraps, ribbons and string.

There’s no risk of your guest not knowing how to RSVP to your wedding, that’s hoe traditionally guests have RSVP’d to weddings.

Blush letterpress on linen wedding invitation card. Hand written calligraphy details by artist Jo Eleanor of Calligraphy en Vogue


RSVP cards can increase the cost of your wedding invitations dramatically. Not only that, but then there is additional print and design costs. There is also the cost of an envelope, envelope printing or hand addressing to the address you’d like to receive your response and etiquette also dictates you apply a stamp to your return envelope for all your guests. You can see how just including this card alone can really drive up the costs of your invitation price.

Paper RSVPs make it very difficult to capture all the details you need. Ideally you want to ensure you have an email address, phone number and full names of all guests attending in the event there is last minute changes.

There is also the dreaded RSVP chase up. Let’s face it, there is always a percentage of people that forget to pop their RSVP in the mail. That then means you have to chase up all your guests that have missed their deadline and ensure they send it on.

RSVP’s also have a habit of getting lost, which can be an awkward conversation when you have to ask someone did they actually respond.

Online RSVP platforms just make it so easy and convientient for guests to respond in this day and age. For my couples this means it’s so much easier to collate their guest details, ask as many questions that they like and no fear of responses getting lost in the mail. The best part is if something does need to change last minute it’s easy to locate and contact all the people you need to regarding your wedding.

If you have needed to change your wedding date or want to know more about online RSVP’S you can read our interview with Vogue Brides Australia HERE

Black letterpress hand calligraphy wedding invitations

So while i adore a beautiful aesthetic this designer is voting in favour of ditching the RSVP card unless you are in love with the idea of sending them.

Too often i see couples compramising on their dream print style or super thick stock in order to accomodate for additional cards simply because the wedding industry has conditioned us to believe it’s the only way your guests can respond.

I know you’re going to say your grandmother’s won’t be able to respond but is it really worth all your guests getting RSVP cards for the handful of guests that may need help responding online.

Let’s face it, in this day and age even our parents 60+ years of age are internet savvy. The ones that aren’t won’t mind a phone call to follow up.

I am a big fan of the simple luxurious look of a single double sided invitation. My designs are created with the idea that the excitement and anticipation of the day is centre stage. Once they log on to RSVP they can then worry about all the details they need to think about.

You can view our LOVE collection wedding invitation collection HERE

You can also get the insider scoop on the best of wedding RSVP websites if you’re considering skipping on the RSVP card HERE

I hope this blog post was helpful!

Custom calligraphy wedding invitations

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