Detailed wedding images of the bridal set up is most definitely growing in trend. Capturing those little details such as your wedding rings, shoes & jewellery can really make for special photos that really capture the little elements that make up the perfect wedding day.

But great detailed shots don’t just happen. Give your photographer the best chance of capturing that perfect, editorial image of your wedding details with our best ideas and tips for what to have on hand come your big day.

  1. Choose a spot with great lighting. Give your photographer a spot next to a window or great natural light to give them the best chance of getting a beautiful image It’ll also save time by not having your photographer pre-occupied with moving all your detail pieces to a new location
Beautiful detailed shots captured by George John

2. Have a beautiful range of curated props for the photographer to choose from. Some of our favourites include: Hand engraved personalised perfume, small piece of your wedding fabric, small single stem florals that are included in your styling, sketches of your wedding dress, photos of your parents on their wedding day and hand written love notes to each other.

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