He’s just popped the big question!… but now what?

After the excitement of the engagement dies down often what comes next is a little bit of a lost feeling (i know that’s exactly how i felt when i was newly engaged) and the next logical steps most couples take is the logistical & practical steps of working out their guest numbers, discussing venues, dates & planners. But i feel like this can often lead couples to be swept away by the opinions of family, friends & vendors in the wedding industry that don’t always know what the couple truely want for their big day.

So i wanted to shake things up a little and put it out there by saying this is probably not the best way to go about starting the journey to your dream day.

Most “brides to be” will already have an idea on their mind about how their dream day should look but the trouble can be clearly communicating this to their partner, families and most importantly venues, stylists and all the key players involved in their big day.

But what if you had a curated snapshot of what the perfect day for you looks & feels like? Yes pinterest helps but this can often be a mish mash of ideas and themes and often the choices are so overwhelming.

So i’m hoping to fix all that…. That’s why i’ve created a bridal Mood board.

Imagine a template that you create to communicate the perfect look, feel & emotions you want to capture on the day. The true essence of your love & life as a couple visually represented for everyone to see and really get a clear sense of how you’d like the day to look.

Mood boards are so key in creative business for clearly communicating a vision. But for some reason are not something readily available for brides to access when planning the biggest event in their lives. I know i wish i’d done this when i was getting married!

The biggest problem i’ve found with helping someone create stationery for their wedding is they often don’t have clear ideas on exactly what they want. Often i will get descriptions such as “romantic” “floral” “Feminine” or “Black tie” but these are so open to interpretation that it can be real hard to nail the exact look you want. Imagine instead of verbally explaining what you want or sending a few pictures specific to your enquiry you had a visual board that represented your wedding entirely, that you could quickly share with each and every vendor you work with.

I’ll go into the psychology of your choices in the next post and what to focus on and how to organise your thoughts and images so you have a true an concise snapshot of what you really want with non of the overwhelm or unnecessary fluff you just don’t need to be adding to the budget.

I want to make sure i give you as much juicy info as possible on how to create an amazing mood board so i’ve split up this guide into 3 blog posts.

  1. How to create the ultimate bridal mood board for my wedding
  2. My top tips for using pinterest when creating a mood board.
  3. Walk through guide on how to edit my mood board in canva (for those of you that might need a little extra help)

So let’s start simple and dive into your mood board download

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I’ll send you download over to you straight away with instructions on how to use your board and also send you some links to some additional blog posts to help you get the most out of your designs.

Can’t wait for you to start dreaming and creating.

Bien à toi

Jo xx

Header photograph: Bryce & Lauren photography. Styling: For love and living.

All links & credits to images in the mood board can be found here


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