Ooh i know your secret! You’ve been secretly pinning your favourite wedding inspo for probably some time now, haven’t you!

Well now that your actually in the wedding planning phase it’s time to level up those efforts and make sure pinterest is delivering you the best drool- worthy content around and more importantly help you edit it into the perfect style guide for your big day…

So pinterest is a little gem of an image search engine… it’s like a best friend that knows exactly what you’re looking for and shows you things it thinks you’ll love.

But if your like me and have a mind that goes a million miles an hour and have so many different styles and tastes it can easily get overwhelming when it comes to creating your ultimate look & feel.

So i’ve broken down my best advice to help you curate the perfect mood board (if you haven’t already downloaded our mood board template you will find the link to subscribe at the bottom of the post.) A mood board in my opinion is uber important when discussing your wedding with your partner and any wedding vendor. It’s designed to visually communicate your exact look, feel and emotions for the big day. It truely is this first step to any wedding planning!

So here we go.

  1. Once you’ve created your profile, the next thing to do is create your boards so you can easily segment each element of your wedding into categories so you can quickly and easily find your favourite pins. Don’t just limit this to looks but also include things such as mood & feeling. My suggestions are
  • Wedding dress
  • Venue
  • Colour Palette
  • Florals
  • Textures
  • Mood/ Things i love
  • Photography
  • Invites/stationery
  • Tables Inspiration

The list can really be endless but i recommend having them as segmented as possible and once you find a pin of something you like be mindful to save it to the correct board so your creating a space you can easily navigate when it comes time to creating your ultimate mood board

2. I suggest pinning for at least 2-3 weeks and a minimum of 300-400 pins. This sounds like a lot but in the beginning i suggest pinning things you love, colours, styles and don’t limit yourself to just bridal specific things. Pinning pictures of images at your feel sum up you and your partner are where the magic happens. Anything that speaks to you, pin it!

The reason why i suggest doing this is because the pinterest algrithm will quickly learn what your tastes and likes are and will start to push through ideal images on your home page you can quickly pin to the right board.

another tip is if you find an image you absolutely love you can also scroll through the related images once you click on the image and it opens up to the single post page. Below this will be a collection of images that are similar to the one you’ve selected and can be a gold mine of favourite images.

3. Once you feel you’ve built up a big database in the boards you’ve created it’s time to start editing. I would then suggest creating another mood board called “my favourites” try to be really selective about what you add into this board and really only choose your favourite couple of images from each board. You should start to see patterns emerging when you start grouping your favourite images together and colours & textures that are repeated across different types of images.

4. It’s time to start thinking about putting together a 1 page mood board (don’t forget to sign up below to download our free mood board template) I suggest doing this outside of the pinterest platform. It is a better visual representation to have sections for colours and images grouped onto one curated board that has limited spots. I created it with limited spots for a reason because i really want you to focus on what is going to be the priority for you in terms of styling or special moments of your day.

This can really help with budget because if you’re just not finding images of florals you love that it might not be something of big priority. Keep that in mind when allocating your budget as the focus should be on what is on your ultimate board and everything comes second to this.

Once you have selected your favourite images arrange them on your mood board (it’s time to be brutal) Finding that one element is just not fitting in with everything else, probably because it needs to be scrapped and finding something that ties in with the current look of the board will be better. Give yourself a couple of weeks of this editing and selecting process. Try out different boards, themes and see what really sings to your heart.

5. Once you’ve arranged your images it’s time to fill out the colour circles with complementing colours to your favourite images and find which tones and shades work best with the look your envisioning.

6. Share your board with your partner. It’s so important your day is a true reflection of what you both want the experience to be like so it’s really crucial you involve them and take their wants and needs on board.

7. Once you feel your board is ready it’s time to start it with your vendors and venues. Also refer back to it and ask yourself “is this venue in line with what i’m imaging for my day” or “can this stylist take my vision and recreate something within the venue space”

Most wedding vendors are creatives at heart so giving them a mood board of the overall look and feel you want to achieve will be so inspiring and you can be sure your vision is clearly and concisely being communicated to everyone you speak to and everything will be cohesive.

Don’t be surprised if you get a beautiful mood board back and this should mirror and compliment what you’ve created.

Need some inspiration to get started?

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Happy planning lovers…

Bien à toi

Jo xx

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