Like many people i believed that artists and creative people must have had a strong pull for arts in high school, be avid museum lovers & be all round “arty” people.

I never in a million years though i would find myself switching from a medical career to a life of running an artistic business. But i guess i should probably start from the start…

I was busy. Life was busy and running a busy medical practice which was a 1.5 hour drive away from my home and raising a baby was tough. But i was still in it and loved the flexibility of having my own business to run.

But life loves to throw it’s curveballs, just when you think you’ve finally got things sorted. When my daughter had just turned one, i found out i was pregnant… WITH TWINS! So in essence within 9 months i was going to have 3 children under 2!

After quite a bit of soul searching, i decided it was time to say goodbye to my podiatry practice. So i sold, I was preparing for mum life and honestly it actually felt freeing to feel like i didn’t have this huge pressure to be a mum and a business owner, in no doubt, what was going to be the biggest challenge i was yet to face.

In my last trimester of pregnancy i had a brain snap and decided it was time for a hobby. My handwriting was shocking after spending 10+ years signing medical notes so i though it would be lovely to have beautiful handwriting. I literally booked myself into a calligraphy class for the next day!

And obviously i feel in love. I practiced for 6 months and then decided i wanted to start an instagram page to motivate me to push myself and also connect with other people doing calligraphy and finding inspiration online.

And then something funny happened. People started enquiring about services and prices, i was shocked! I didn’t even really realise at the time this could be a job! I realised this might be a nice way to get my mind off being a mum of 6 month old twins and a little extra income on the side wouldn’t be a bad thing. So i went for it.

I started taking on small bridal projects and it just literally grew from there. I had reach a cross road and need to decide if i was going to commit to having a calligraphy business and if i wanted it to be my new job instead of going back to podiatry. When i really took the time to reflect it was really my calling and i didn’t feel passionate about returning to my old job and the stresses that came with it.

Let me tell you, it was the scariest thing in the world. I felt so inadequate at the time… i felt like an imposter. Who was i to claim i was a calligrapher when i didn’t feel like i’d “qualified” as one. But the driving force that kept me going was the resounding happiness that i seemed to be creating in the lives of others. The joy, connection & magic that i truely believed calligraphy brought to the world.

So i dived head first and haven’t looked back since! It’s been the best decision i’ve ever made and it’s the most fulfilled i’ve ever felt in my working career. I felt like i was finally doing something for myself.

There has been so many shifts and focuses in the last 2 years in this business. For a while i was left thinking why i had wasted so much time doing things within the business and offering services i wasn’t passionate about. But the reality is in CEV’s infancy i didn’t know exactly what it was that would light me up.

I’m so glad i’ve finally reached a point i can say that i create calligraphy designs for brides and invitation designers to elevate their work and special day and create amazing experiences at live events to elevate a brand’s presence, create connection with their audience and drive an amazing return on investment for them, all while doing what i love.

So my advice to any creative starting out on their wild journey… Give yourself room. Room to discover, expand, what works for you and what doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to go against what others are pursuing in your field and really carve out your own niche and space. That’s where the magic happens i promise.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Bien à toi

Jo xx

Want to find out more about the creations we offer at Calligraphy en Vogue and take a peak into the magical world i’ve created?

Check out the link to my website below and as always feel free to ask any questions in the comments.


photography by George John Photography.

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