My darling brides, unlike popular belief, your wedding photography is not the ultimate way to transport you back to your wedding day…
While we aren’t suggesting you sack you photographer just yet, i mean what will adorn your walls and show your grandchildren the magic of the day?

BUT, science actually proves that the best way to remember the emotions, the finer details, the feelings you experienced is in fact, smell…

“That complex emotion and memory can be triggered by a simple sensory cue” according to Psychology Today.
The reason this occurs is because when we smell this is processed by the olfactory bulb which has a direct connection to the brain where memories and emotions are processed. Which basically means a smell is the best way to transport you straight back to the emotions at the time of the smell.

So, what does this all mean? It means we can life hack the memories we want to preserve. So, brides to be, this means it’s shopping time.

The key ingredient for this to have effect is to have a new fragrance to wear on your wedding day. While we all love our signature scent, it likely won’t remind you specifically of your wedding day because there is many other occasions this fragrance could trigger for you & the love of your life.

This means it’s time to pick something new to ensure you can treasure those precious feelings. But we won’t leave you stranded here. Let’s talk fragrance!

1. Choose something that reflects the mood & theme of the wedding. Do you want sweet and romantic or sensual & deep. Focusing on the right scent for the occasion will help you to narrow down which fragrance will be perfect for your big day.

2. Try to steer clear of common fragrances as this will make it less likely that you and your hubs to be will already have associated memories with it.

3. This is one of the time you should do this together! Ultimately you want to choose something that he will also love and choosing complimentary fragrances will ensure you smell like a goddess on the day!

so our top choices for the not so common? Having done a lot of fragrance engraving for lot’s of the big companies i have a few inside secrets to share! My top picks are…

GIVENCHY – L’interdit EDP

Described as “unforgettable, intense, addictive & fearlessly elegant”. I love this fragrance for a romantic, black tie wedding for a passionate couple.

With a bouquet of white flowers and intense earthy depth of tuberose, it’s becoming a fast favourite for evening fragance.

CHANEL – No5 L’eau

I love this adaptation of the most classic scent of all time. Unlike the original No 5, L’eau is a fresh contrast with radiant citrus top notes soar skyward with the aldehydes, followed by a floral whirlwind of jasmine, rose and ylang-ylang, and then the dynamism of vetiver and cedar.

I love this adaptation of the most classic scent of all time. Unlike the original No 5 which can be quite deep, this lighter fragrance is the ultimate spring wedding fragrance.

Perfect for a summers wedding with garden roses abound and a sense of carefree romance.

TOM FORD – Santal Blush EDP

A warm earthy & Woody scent, perfect for an elegant country wedding.

Mesmerizing, exotic, and mysterious, Santal Blush is a spicy wood oriental. A textured fusion of creamy sandalwood and exotic eastern spices is enhanced with intoxicating florals and sumptuous woods to create soft, naked glamour with a mysterious spirit of modern earthiness.

CREED – Love in white EDP.

A beautiful freeing blend of white flowers: White jasmine from the coast of Italy, daffodils from the French Riviera, Magnolias from Guatemala and Bulgarian rose. The pairing of florals that evokes that ultimate romantic bridal scent.

OUAI – North bondi EDP

Barefoot brides with feet in the sand. Ouai is for the beach bride who wants the romance of her day to bring a lifetime of memories of the ocean and the carefree nature of her wedding.

Of course once the perfect fragrance is yours, calligraphy engraving by Calligraphy en Vogue is the ultimate way to transform your wedding day fragrance bottle into a life time heirloom you can treasure.

Make that bridal scent your signature scent from the day and transport yourself back to the most incredible day of both your lives.

Book your calligraphy engraving here.

Bien à toi

Jo xx

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