Perfume & Glass engraving

onsite activation

As the first calligraphy studio in Australia to combine calligraphy & engraving into one art form, it's pretty exciting to say my calligraphy has graced some of the worlds most iconic fragrance & perfume bottles.

In the past 2 years this still remains my most requested service and for good reason! While glass engraving is not a new concept, traditional engraving or etching is restricted to a cursive font style of writing. A simple copperplate or block lettering.
Calligraphy engraving is a lettering art. We can adapt a style to suit the bottle & branding and it's truely a unique offering that lasts a lifetime.
My particular techniques mean a quick & shareable experience the customers adore, making it a perfect onsite activation.

With a social media following that loves to attend engraving events i think it's easy to see why it's a fan favourite. 

Meet my little crowd pleaser... 
Unique calligraphy details & pretty flourishes has turned the humble engraving on it's head and created a cult following.

onsite & in studio personalising

Because of the popularity of my particular style of engraving it gives me the unique opportunity to showcase your brand on our social media platforms and encourage our followers to engage and purchase from your brand.
We also have a dedicated email list we regularly share the engraving locations we are attending.

Calligraphy engraving has proved to be an incredible investment for many of our brand clients with successful returns on on-site activations, online sales with post purchase engraving and influencer & media seeding just to name a few.

Calligraphy engraving is suitable for most glass, metal and ceramic products, i'd love to talk all things engraving with you! Our favourite products to engrave also include champagne bottles, wine bottles, champagne glasses, whiskey and scotch. 


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