modern heirlooms custom engraved to capture your precious memories

Why heirlooms?

What are the most precious things on earth we can truly acquire? Love and memories.
An heirloom is designed to capture a moment in time or a person in your heart and symbolically represent the importance of them in your world for generations to come.

In a digital world we have lost touch of so many tangible ways our previous family would honour and remember the stories of their lives.
Modern heirlooms were born to be custom engraved and be a beautiful display in your home for a lifetime legacy of you.

personalised crystal heart



Meet the artist

Jo Eleanor of Calligraphy en Vogue.
Founder of At the Heart

When i was little my world was full of mementos from generations of my Italian Family legacy. 
When i look around now, i see so little in this world that truly outlives us and becomes our heritage, our history.

I knew my ultimately calling was to create something beautiful, personalised and would have the ultimate meaning to you. Something that represents your love and memories.

Working throughout my career with brands such as Dior, Hermes and Chanel as a pointed pen calligrapher and engraver i could see the desire people wanted to turn objects into something more meaningful. 

I knew my calling was to create something for you that would never grow old, a true heirloom but for the modern world... 

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The most precious gift 

give the gift that will live on forever in their hearts


Heirloom ideas

Celebrate your wedding day 

Celebrate a proposal or declaring your love 

Babies first Christmas

Children's Names 

To honour a loved one who has passed 

A special love note or message they'll want to keep forever

Celebrating an important milestone 

Honouring heritage of a family surname or story

A baptist, christening or miracle event 

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