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My signature Parisian flourish style seems to be a perfect match for the glamours & Feminine bottles of Dior fragrance & after 2 years working closely with dior to create unique concepts for Christmas, Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, Father's Day & Mother's Day, it's safe to say we've nailed our designs for the ideal client who shops at Dior. 

But beyond immediate results of increased sales while in-store engraving with the considered use of story telling content and an engaged audience of Dior fans we have been able to also drive more customers instore by having the ability to promote the event to a local market, regularly keep our email list updated with upcoming event dates and create demand for calligraphy engraved fragrance bottles for their wedding day. 

It's been an incredible journey with Dior for the last 2 years, from creating engraving, stationery & a bridal cult following for Miss Dior for the wedding day.

onsite & in studio personalising

It has been transformative to see how incredible an investment of regular events, content creation and leveraging an engaged audience has generated local interest in our activations. 

I'd love to get to know your brand & marketing goals so we can create a successful long term relationship with your audience. 


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