Hot Foil Personalised Calligraphy

onsite activation

I don't like to play favourites, but hot foiling is fast becoming one of them! 

The best way to describe hot foiling is to picture the branding and monogramming currently available on most luxury handbags and accessories. Its a hot stamp application with metallic foils.

I have take the same concept but turned it on it's head. By using hot pen to hand "write" the calligraphy through foil onto leather this means we achieve a similar finish but in a hand written calligraphy! There is currently no other calligrapher offering hot foiling for an onsite activation so it's our newest offering. 

It has all the factors that make an onsite activation so great...
  Surprise and interaction by allowing the customer to peel off the foil 
  Highly interactive with process and reveal making amazing social media content
  Luxury application to feel like a high value acquisition to help convert customers into buying products

The ultimate excitement factor when peeling back the foil after a calligraphy application.
Surprise and delight in it's purest form.

onsite & in studio personalising

Hot foil applications work on Leather, PU Leather, Faux leather and some Vinyls. 

I'd love to chat about how we can create a onsite event, personalised product or influencer seeding. 

You can contact me directly via the contact us page. 


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