I was a podiatrist for 10 years and when i went on maternity leave i really wanted to work on my handwriting that had become quite bad! 
After doing a calligraphy class i fell in love and really wanted to start sharing my passion on instagram. So the name "Calligraphy en Vogue" was born. 
I had no idea i wanted to create a calligraphy business at the time, i just wanted a platform where i could be inspired, talk about all things fashion, luxury & calligraphy and almost 3 years later the rest is history!

So of my most treasured keepsakes and memories are some soul searching is around writing & memories. 
I have old letters my grandmother & family overseas would send, hand written recipe books and mementos such as perfume bottles, baubles & artworks are really my most precious items and i wanted a business that would recreate that sense of nostaglia, create something meaningful luxurious & that would last a lifetime. 
I've always been obsessed with fashion so my style has naturally gravitated towards luxury brands & stylish brides which means i get to live out my dream job every single day of the week!

I'm a little bit of a Chameleon when it comes to my calligraphy style. My signature Parisian Flourish is a mixture of long swooshes & bouncy calligraphy letters in delicate hairline upstrokes that really is inspired by my favourite city - Paris & a favourite among french labels. 
But i also have an edgy fashion side which i also love creating which is part scrawly, part hand written signature. I like to think of it as a designer signing off on their latest fashion piece. 
My true calling is really taking a creative brief and making writing that really communicates a brand or a couples aesthetic, meaning & mood of what they want anyone who sees my world to feel. 
The true meaning of calligraphy, to me, is the ability to communication more than just words, but a passion an experience. 

As well as a business owner & artist, i'm also a wife and mother of 3 beautiful girls under 5. Our weekends typically consist of swimming, playing in the park, cooking together and watching movies. 
I try to encourage my girls to do what makes them happy and try not to put too many of my own ideas into their heads. Children really have the ability to absorb so much of what we say and do so i try to always remember not to discourage their creativity & passions. 
My husband and i loved to travel before kids, so right now there hasn't been any international travel but we love to share a meal, bottle of wine and a laugh out how crazy our life can get sometimes. 
My ideal night out is champagne, lots of fashion moments & people watching surrounded by my best girlfriends. 

To be honest i think when you work in your passion there is so many parts of the job i love. I didn't think it was possible to jump out of bed and be truely passionate about what you do for a living, but i've become one of those people! 
My top 3 things would have to be...
1.      Concept creation and onsite events. Nothing excites me more than having the challenge of creating a new concept or personalise a new product. I try to approach each and every brand i work with, with fresh eyes and really gain an understanding of their audience and what the brand is trying to achieve with their activation or personalising. I find it so rewarding when i create something that nails the brief and when i get to see the hard work come to life right there in front of me at the event is just pure magic. 
2.      Content creation. I never realised how much of a visual person i am. But one single image can really evoke so much excitement for me and spark a completely new idea. I've always collected magazines and was fanatical about cutting out pictures and sticking them in scrapbooks! (Also known as the 90's version of pinterest.) So styling and putting together a flatlay or styled shoot has fast become one of my favourite things to do. I love the excitement of seeing photos afterwards and feeling like one image is telling the perfect story. 
3.     Calligraphy. The simple pleasure of getting to do my art. Sitting in the silence (sometimes even late at night #mumlife!) and getting lost in the art that fills me the most. I'm truely blessed i get to call this my job.  

Its probably not going to be much of a surprise when i say most of my inspiration comes from fashion. 
I love luxury elegant labels. I love distinctive style that doesn't need to broadcast loudly but comes into the room with a quiet elegance that makes you stop and stare without having to say a word. Brands that evoke this feeling for me include - Celine, Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Dior & Hermes. 
My style muses would have to be 90's models and photography. There was something so beautiful & natural to their look back then and i loved the photography style. Tim Walker is one of my favourite photographers, there is something so magical about his style and i have a thing for vintage Vogue magazine covers and french architecture. 
I love to share all the thing i love on social media and really how my audience what it is that truely sparks inspiration within me. 

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