Hand written Stationery

bridal styled shoot

Until you see calligraphy hand written with your own eyes, i can't explain the magical feeling it has on you. 

It's a piece of art in the simplest of forms. A word. But the emotion it evokes is truely something special.

Place cards, menus & personalised gifts. It is these small touches that make the stationery on your table something so personal and in my unique handwritten style. 

There is nothing more personal & luxe than hand written, pointed pen calligraphy with it's beautiful ink & paper textures.

bridal stationery

Custom stationery design & calligraphy are my dream when i get to combine the handwritten details with the dense texture of handmade paper. 

I'd love to create a custom design to suit your wedding. 


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The beauty & connection of handwritten details.

Hand written stationery

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