Bvlgari Fragrance

onsite & online activation

Calligraphy engraving started for Bvlgari Fragrance onsite with a traditional brand activation pop up which proved a high interest in the on brand calligraphy engraving created for the bottles, resulting in higher than anticipated sales while engraving was on offer in a live event.

Bvlgari then took the initiate to create an online event which was a wonderful opportunity for our audience who isn't local to Sydney to purchase calligraphy engraved fragrances as a Valentine's day offering that proved popular amongst our followers.  

Personalising adapted for an online experience with the ability to engage our audience for a successful Valentine's Day Activation online.

onsite & in studio personalising

Because of the popularity of my particular style of engraving it gives me the unique opportunity to showcase your brand on our social media platforms and encourage our followers to engage and purchase from your brand.
We also have a dedicated email list we regularly share the engraving locations we are attending.

Calligraphy engraving has proved to be an incredible investment for many of our brand clients with successful returns on on-site activations, online sales with post purchase engraving and influencer & media seeding just to name a few.

Calligraphy engraving is suitable for most glass products, i'd love to talk all things engraving with you!


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