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Creating a memorable experience that encapsulates your brand, your values and above all creates a gorgeous event that ensures lifelong fans...

All luxury brands have unique value system, aesthetic look & target audience. The key to giving you the ultimate activation experience is identifying not only something that represents your brand well but what is on trend with your target audience and speaks to their desires. 
This can change depending on the goals of the activation, whether it be to reward VIP clients, create exposure or onboard a new audience of shoppers.

Finding the perfect fit is the key to success with personlisation & art events. 
Something the represents & resonates.

deep dive


Investigating cores values & target audience 

This is where experience is the key, intricately knowing which applications work best for your product, your desired outcomes & maximising ROI.
The concept stage is so crucial in regards to so many factors
1. Ensuring a beautiful & Luxury finish
2. Materials and applications that will work effectively and pass the test of time
3. On trend applications 
4. Customer interaction - honouring the importance of engaging & surprising the audience
5. Achievable in the specified time constraints
6. Something that will ultimate convert sales or add value to the gift being personalised
7. Unique ideas that customers will relish in the sharing of the story. 
8. An artist personality weaved through your brand to add interest and a story to the activation

The perfect concept is the balance between something unique, desirable & achievable for the location & expected guests.

concept creation


a concept design that speaks to your audience 

Visual story telling is a powerful commincation tool we need to communicate the artistic creation of your offering and allows us to share your event and brand with our social media following. 
Preliminary marketing is key to ensuring your existing & potential customers know the story & experience that awaits them when your event goes live. 
We create content to tell the story of you brand, but also tell the story of how we execute your experience, so guests know this is just a "service" your offering, but an artistic experience. 

The future of communication is visual. 

measuring your success


Post event reports 

We have strived over the last 2 years to achieve an engaged social media audience who covet designer & luxury labels and love to purchase and invest in brands who work with our team.
By sharing our taste, brand values & on trend advice through value driven content that truely speaks to the luxury & bridal market, the demands for our service are higher than ever. 
Our core values of investing in heirlooms &. creating memories through personlisation has translated so well with many of our luxury client products that we have developed a dedicated following who love to wait until they can have their favourite products personalised by Calligraphy en Vogue. 
We love to share our event dates and current concept with our audience to continue to give value but also maxmise your brand reach, exposure & sales during our collaboration

We don't just cater to your fans, we have curated a dedicated following of luxe lovers who covet our designs... 

our brand audience 


leveraging our audience of luxe & calligraphy lovers 

Onsite activations need fundamental key components to ensuring success & we have all your bases covered. 
1. Contracts to ensure you have complete understanding of your package and that we meet all your expectations. 
2. Onsite insurances to protect yourself & your guests 
3. Registered contractors, trusted by the major luxury department stores to perform on site. 
4. Clear code of conduct & appearance guidelines to ensure we meet your expectations 
5. Ability to encourage interaction, engagement & sharing of the activation
6. Equipment that is tested for commerical use and isn't an eyesore or overly noisey or bulky. 

Having worked with over 140 luxury brands, onsite logistics are a key component to a successful event.

seamless event experience


Onsite logistics & planning 

Our post event report helps to give you a snapshot of how your event perform and any valuable feedback we can share on your event.
Key things included are
1. Items completed & sales statistics if applicable 
2. Client likes & feedback. Popular requests or products that were requested the most. 
3. Barriers to sale or any factors that hindered interaction
4. Our social media engagement, EDM feedback and if our followers purchased during the event. 
5. Any other factors we'd like to share with you about the event. 

Sharing valuable insights from your activation to help pinpoint factors for ongoing collaboration success...

post event report


valuable insights on how your experience performed

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